A History of Excellence

Deering Wine is committed to growing and making wine that is exceptional in every way. Our vineyards are tenderly cultivated through environmentally responsible, sustainable farming practices.

Sustainable Farming

In 2005, Todd and Blair purchased 160 acres of land planted with old vine zinfandel in Sonoma County. That was the beginning of Deering Wine — the next step in the family’s long history of fine wine. The Deering Ranch today totals 106 acres of agricultural property that stretches through the Mayacamas Mountains and is planted in wine grapes —zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay. Our vines are carefully tended to optimize quality, and that includes sustainable farming practices.

We believe exceptional wine comes from a balanced relationship with the environment. We plant vineyards only in brush areas, saving the beautiful old oak trees and maintaining a gentle balance of wild land with cultivated land. We see farming as a privilege and understand the value of protecting the natural habitat for beneficial insects, owls, bats, foxes, deer, mountain lions, coyotes, and bears.

At Deering Wine we use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on our vines. Our approach is strictly organic. And we think the results are in the bottle. The individuality of the vines comes through, along with a tradition of excellence.

Moon Mountain AVA

The rocky slopes of our Moon Mountain vineyard are comprised of volcanic basalt, shale, and sandstone bedrock. A varied terrain makes the location well suited to many varietals. The vines love the cool maritime influence and evening fog. The high elevation of Deering Ranch means the morning fog burns off early, allowing the grapes to bask in the warmth of long, sunny days.

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Acreage Totals by Varietal


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Franc



Petite Verdot




Petite Sirah


Chenin Blanc

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